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Welcome To Our New Travel Blog

In this strangest of years, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how the world is changing and what the new normal will look like, as I’m sure everybody has. We both have a passion for travel as well as of course a passion for our little business; and thinking about what the future may hold for both of those things is something we’ve discussed so much over the last few months. We thought that setting up a blog section on our site would be a good way of sharing those thoughts, as well as giving us a chance to pass on some of the questions and stories we receive from our lovely customers.

For this first one we’ve listed some of the queries we have received that we thought would be useful for anyone that is interested in our creations. As always, we love to hear from you either directly by email ( or via our Instagram page @lunacreatedesign – in particular we’d love to get feedback on this blog and what you’d like us to feature next time.

Can the map be ordered as a gift?

Absolutely, we tend to find that quite a high number of world travel maps orders are as gifts for family and friends – we had some great feedback last Christmas to say the personalised map gifts had been such a surprise and were a really fun activity on Christmas Day to pin all the adventures they had been on around the world. One of the main reasons we started our business was due to the number of friends who asked if they could have one of their own once they saw the first ever pin map, which still hangs proudly in the kitchen! We’ve found it seems to work well as a present for the classic ‘difficult person to buy for’ – a load of orders tend to come in ahead of Father’s Day, definitely more fun than a tie or some socks!

Due to our design feature on the website, you can set any key and message that you want, as well as arranging delivery to any address around the world, so it’s very easy to create a great personal gift for a lucky someone.

Which size map would you recommend?

Obviously this depends on the space; but we’ve designed maps to go in a range of settings – you can check out our Instagram feed for some examples of where customers have placed their maps. We’ve seen them in kitchens, kid’s playrooms, corporate offices, man caves, they look great over a fireplace, we’ve heard of customers that like to brush their teeth while studying the map and daydreaming, and we’ve even got one adorning a converted bus travelling the globe! The design works well across all sizes - we’ve made sure that everything is legible even on the small sized maps. Obviously we’re a bit biased, but we think the map has the best impact and makes the most impressive feature in the large or extra large size, it can be a real talking point and the bigger the better!

What ideas can you suggest for my key?

We get asked this quite a bit and we're always happy to try and provide some inspiration, it’s great seeing the options that people go for. Probably the most popular choices we see would be either the 'been/want to go' type choice; or a family list of ‘mum/dad/kids/all of us’ options. There have been some fantastically creative selections though, someone listed the places that different hobbies had taken them 'rugby, skiing, drinking' which we loved, also the option for putting a 'next up' wishlist means the map is always evolving (just as soon as travel is a thing again!). Drop us a line though when you're considering options and we can help, as well as checking out the 'map key' section of our Instagram for plenty of examples.

For other questions we do have an FAQ page but please let us know if there is anything you’d like to know; and keep an eye out for our next post. Thanks for reading!