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Tips for starting your own business

2020 really has been an unprecedented year. I’m sure many people are keen to see the back of it and welcome all the positivity that will come in 2021. The travel industry has been severely impacted by the pandemic, not only has it prevented us from seeing the people and places we love, but many people have lost their jobs. While this can clearly be a cause for anxiety, it can also be the catalyst for positive change. Disruption can often be the start of something great and all businesses started from someone taking a passionate leap of faith into the unknown. “From little acorns to mighty oaks grow”. We took this leap ourselves 4 years ago and have learned some really valuable lessons along the way. When we started we spoke to our friends at who gave us some great advice, so we thought sharing this information could help someone else. Here are some of the key tips we have found helped us get to where we are today.

START! No excuses!

Many people dream of becoming entrepreneurs and think running your own business is all glamour, but there is always a reason why they never actually do: they’re held back by excuses and the fear of failing. From money to time to responsibilities, you can make a million cases for not starting your own business. Worrying about the risks of business ownership is normal, but excuses only slow you down from reaching your goals. If you really want to start a business, you need to address the reasons you think you can’t start a business and get rid of them. Find a solution to the issue rather than let it hold you back. Dream big, be pragmatic, GO FOR IT!

Be passionate about what you do!

Like many people we love to travel, and are lucky enough to have been to some pretty cool places on this planet. We wanted to record all of our trips in one place and decided to create the World Travels Pin Map. Very quickly we noticed that a lot of our friends wanted one too! Being passionate about our company and loving our product helped us through the long hard nights of designing, wrapping, posting. So whatever you do, love it!

Build a solid plan

Spending the time writing a detailed business plan is essential to success and it’s surprising what you will realise while writing it. There are plenty of Business plan templates out there you can use and it can help you think of things you may never have even considered when first imagining running your own business. You need to plan a whole heap of things: up front investment funds, suppliers, fulfilment, logistics, costs, building a website, marketing, legal, applying for patents, the list goes on. It may all of a sudden feel like such a huge task but actually by breaking it down into a clever plan you can work it all out and get started with your best foot forward.

Put your customers first

Focusing on our fellow travel lovers and what they would want in our product has helped us iterate our designs to make sure they are clear/crisp/aesthetic and something people are going to be proud to display in their homes/hotels/restaurants/schools etc.

You need to make sure there is a big enough market out there for your new product or idea, is it something that will sell.


Keeping it simple is far from a stupid thing to do. When you’re passionate about your new little business it can be easy to let your imagination run away with you and things can get complicated really quickly. Remind yourself to keep things simple and you’ll no doubt make your business a success.

Keep believing in yourself

The hard work, risk, worry is all worth it trust us! Everytime a sale comes in we still to this day get so excited! It’s an amazing feeling to know that your little business is constantly growing and developing into something incredible!