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A Push Pin World Map ~ The Perfect Gift For Travel Lovers

We often get asked about our business and what the process is like from ideas of personalisation to installation on your walls and why a Personalised World Travel Push Pin Map is the perfect gift - so let me take you through it :)

Stunning Travel Map

‘The World Travel Push Pin Map’

If like me you are often looking to buy your loved ones a gift that they just won’t be expecting but want it to be different from something they would ordinarily just purchase themselves, then we find that the World Map Pinboard does just that. In fact, this is how Luna Creates started and the first World Travel Pin Map was born - searching for a gift for the husband who has everything and says they need nothing!

Adding Pins To A Travel Map

It’s been so lovely to watch the excitement on people’s faces when they open the parcel to discover their own personalised map, seeing them reminisce and relive adventures already travelled as they pin the locations of all the places they have visited around the world. We love to see where people have explored and the stories they have to tell through their pin maps, each little pin representing treasured memories never to be forgotten. The different ideas that people have come up with to create a truly personal piece of art is inspiring: from ‘Mum and Dads World Adventures’, ‘Bayliss and Harding World Sales’ to ‘Let’s travel the world together’ - the possibilities are endless and it truly creates a unique centrepiece in any home (or bus, hotel, head office, cruise ship, school) We’ve seen your maps displayed in some pretty unique places!

A Hung Travel Map Pinboard

‘Quality is Queen!’

This is one of the reasons why when we designed the maps, they had to be durable and last a lifetime. We have spent years perfecting our product to ensure it’s of the highest standard possible. Many of the top Instagram bloggers own our maps and are pinning their travels around the world, check out our blog ‘Top Travel Influencers’.

The printers we use are renowned for being one of the best in the country, they are true perfectionists and won’t let anything go out the door unless it’s 100% flawless.

They have really precise printing facilities which use the latest printing technology.

Most of the orders we receive are placed with a frame, which is hand made by our specialist carpenter. Our carpenter is used to fitting bespoke frames to extremely valuable artwork and takes such pride in the work he does. Each bespoke frame is fitted to our maps with precision and the backs are to a really high standard to ensure the artwork fits plush to the wall.

Making of a Push Pin Travel Map
One of the benefits of creating such a unique piece of art is that it quickly became very popular and so we were unable to keep up with the demand of packing and posting the maps ourselves. After much research we found an incredible fulfilment company who hold the same values as us, taking extreme care at every stage and are such a lovely team to work with.

All of our suppliers - the printer, carpenter and fulfilment company - feel like family to us as we have worked so closely with them over the years. We make the effort to visit them often and see their incredible talent at work!.


It’s incredible the ideas people have come up with for their maps, we are constantly amazed! One customer proposed to his partner by placing a heart pin on the place they had met and when she opened the gift he asked her to marry him. We are happy to report she said yes!

We have lots of companies who have bought the Extra Large maps and added their company logos to display in their board rooms and plot where they have expanded to around the world, or even where all their employees come from!

The last 12 months have been incredibly challenging for everyone for a variety of reasons. The travel industry has been hugely impacted, but we’ve found this has inspired people to want to see more of the world when it opens back up again. We were concerned that because everyone had stopped travelling they would be less interested in our maps, but to our surprise a huge amount of people wanted an interesting map to be the background of their zoom calls! We have been so fortunate to see many more of our maps going into your homes in a short period of time - and we always love to see them taking pride of place.

We’ve had many requests for other ideas of map types that you’d like to see. We originally started with just the Grey classic version (which is still our most popular), but then grew to offer them in Black and White due to popular demand. Another version that has been really popular more recently is the children’s map. This has proven to be popular with parents who want to teach their kids about all the places in the world still to discover. We’ve even seen several schools with the map as a key feature in their classrooms!

Pinning Travel Adventures with Photos