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Best November Honeymoon Destinations

While many people feel the urge to jet off on their honeymoon during the summer months, it can sometimes help to look at other times of the year. Whether you're a couple who chases the weather in search of a sunshine beach holiday or you prefer spending time visiting tourist attractions, there are some incredible resorts waiting for you to visit during November.

If you are planning your honeymoon then it can help to learn about the best honeymoon destinations that promise to deliver an amazing experience from start to finish. So, if November was off your list, now could be the time to add it to your list because there are November honeymoon ideas definitely worth considering!

See the Best Of Iceland


If you're both people who love to embrace the snow and cold temperatures then Iceland could be the place to visit on your honeymoon in November. It has that magical appeal and you can really see the best of this country at this time of year. There are many places to visit during your time here but you can explore its beauty in many different ways.

You can get romantic by paying a visit to the Blue Lagoon. These geothermal baths provide the ideal spot for relaxing together while the cold air swirls around you. You can also choose to book yourself in for a spot of pampering with some spa treatments. If you enjoy exploring, then you visit the capital of Reykjavik where you can soak up the atmosphere and become a real tourist. There are museums to discover, restaurants to sample and bars to indulge in, making this one of the top honeymoon destinations.

Honeymoon in Oman


Oman captures it all which is why we call it a top honeymoon destination. It has the best of everything so whether you want the beach or prefer to discover the wonders of the desert then this is where you need to honeymoon. It delivers a completely unique experience because it enables you to learn all about the country with an immense array of cultures and architecture. The people are extremely welcoming and even when you visit in November, you will still find it warm and comfortable.

You can spend time soaking up the sun on the beach or you might picture yourself hiking through their mountains and forests where the scenery creates memories that last a lifetime. This is a country that should be at the top of your travel list, especially when it comes to honeymoon destinations.

Relax in Top Resorts in Jamaica


You won't find your standard Caribbean resort holiday here because Jamaica is one of the best honeymoon destinations worth considering. First of all, hurricane season is behind you in November which means you'll get the standard blue skies and warm temperatures. You can turn your honeymoon into whatever you want it to be when you travel to Jamaica. You can hit the beach and relax or you can choose to visit the coffee plantations and hike your way around the country!

You'll find a laid back vibe here which is what you expect when you travel here but if you're looking for something unique then this is it. Choose from beach resorts or find accommodation in the city but whatever you choose, you're certain to discover a place that you fall in love with.

Explore the Wonders of Cambodia


Located in South East Asia, you're certain to find everything you want here. From swaying palm trees and beaches to cities and stunning scenery. Honeymoon destinations don't get much better than this, especially as the November temperatures reach around 25 degrees. This makes it warm enough to relax on the beach but still cool enough to spend time checking out the tourist attractions. Go island hopping and visit the likes of Koh Rong or Koh Thmei or book a tour that will show you all the attractions to ensure you don't miss out.

You'll have an opportunity to try their best dishes, relax in style and indulge in a honeymoon destination that truly does tick every box.

Feel on Top of The World in Mexico


Mexico is a popular choice when it comes to honeymoon destinations and visiting during November will mean great weather, warm temperatures and plenty to see and do. It has mile after mile of gorgeous beaches to enjoy if you're the type to spend your days soaking up the sun. Furthermore, there is no shortage of restaurants and bars to explore too, if you want to soak up the culture and atmosphere. The resorts are designed to cater for tourists which means you won't want for anything, ensuring you have the best experience.

Should you feel the urge to explore further afield then you really will find some of the best tourist attractions in the world. Explore the famous Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza or the Palacio de Bellas Artes. You're certain to find plenty to keep you entertained during your trip here if you decide to book but if you do, you certainly won't have any regrets.

See the Best Places in Mozambique


For some, Honeymoon destinations have to capture it all. If one of you prefers to lie on the beach while the other prefers to venture out on another adventure then Mozambique captures it all. You can spend days lounging on the beach sipping cocktails and soaking up the sun if that's your preference. However, if you prefer exploring then there is lots of wilderness to discover too. You can hike the trails through jungles and over mountains or enjoy a boat trip out onto the ocean and even check out some of the safari experiences.

During November, the weather is warm and comfortable too, which makes it suitable for sunbathing or exploring, so take your pick!

Embrace the Diversity of Egypt


If good weather is your thing then Egypt should be at the top of your list. Even during November, the temperatures can reach 30 degrees. However, there are plenty of options available here which makes it one of the most diverse honeymoon destinations.

You can lap up true luxury here as the resorts are designed to offer just that along the Red Sea coastline. You can kick back on the beach, enjoy some snorkelling in the warm waters or spend your time diving if that's your thing. Sightseeing is also a must here, especially when the weather is cooler which means that you can explore the wonders of Cairo, see the ancient pyramids or take a trip out into the desert on camelback or by quad. Once the sun goes down, you can both relax in some luxurious restaurants and wander around the markets before finding a quiet spot on the beach to watch the stars come alive!

Adventure in Aruba


If a touch of paradise is your thing then Aruba has it in abundance. You might have an image of pristine sands and crystal blue oceans in mind but there is more to this Caribbean island than you might realise. If you're both beach lovers then you're in for a treat but the island has much more to offer because you hike and climb through the national park to soak up the mesmerizing views. The weather is warm and sunny which makes it the ideal Honeymoon destination.

Explore the Best of New Zealand

New Zealand

As far as amazing places go, it doesn't get much better than New Zealand. It has it all which means you can hike mountains, explore valleys and even discover glaciers. You can also spend time enjoying the beaches and discovering the wonders of its history. If you're feeling adventurous and like to live life on the edge then you can try your hand at skydiving although you might prefer to play it safe with some cycling through the stunning landscapes on offer.

Sun and Fun in Florida


Also known as the Sunshine State, Florida offers beautiful sunshine all year round. If you're looking for lots of places to explore then this is certain to offer it all. You can discover wonderful beaches in the likes of Miami and there are some wonderful places to eat if you enjoy fine-dining. The nightlife is worth checking out too while you might want to head to Orlando which is one giant playground as it is home to Disneyland, Universal Studios and Seaworld. If you're looking for the best honeymoon experience that captures it all, then Florida might be the right choice.

Arranging your honeymoon is a big thing and finding the right destination is crucial. The world is extremely diverse with many amazing countries and places to visit during November. So, check out our list and make sure you get your honeymoon right!

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