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Best Honeymoon Destinations in September

Couples have a wide range of luring options when it comes to planning a dream honeymoon in September. Choose between the aesthetic nature of the Indian Ocean, French Poltnesia and the stunning landscapes of Asia and Africa. Alternatively, Europe has some ideal tranquil destinations for anyone seeking a lower-key ‘mini-moon’. This guide takes you through some of the amazing honeymoon choices that the month of September suits perfectly;


Honeymoon in Tanzania

The average temperature in Tanzania for September is 25° Celsius so you’ll need to cool down in one of the luxury facilities after your daily excursions. Romantic settings such as Zanzibar Dream Lodge or Waikiki Zanzibar Resort are ideal for your stay and are easily accessible for the local Wildlife safari, nature walks, scuba diving, and other water sports adventures. There is so much to do and to see with tourist attractions like Serengeti, Serengeti National Park, and Mount Kilimanjaro, you can even stay in the forest after experiencing a wildlife safari. Tanzania has everything a couple close to nature could want on honeymoon, there are amazing sights and the opportunity to witness animals up close for an unforgettable experience.

Unbeatable for a safari honeymoon, Tanzania has the big 5 in the renowned Serengeti National Park and world-famous Kilimanjaro National Park. The idyllic islands of Zanzibar are just offshore and combine seamlessly with Tanzania for a fantastic multi-centre experience. The Arabic capital Stone Town is chilled and encapsulating while the beaches are home to some of the world’s most sought-after castaway hotels making Zanzibar the beach escape perfectly suited to compliment your Tanzanian honeymoon.

Sydney, Australia

Honeymoon in Australia

If you are unsure where to go on your honeymoon in September then a fantastic place would be Australia, particularly Sydney. September in Sydney is a lot cooler and usually averages around the 15-20° Celsius mark which makes sightseeing a lot more bearable. There are so many amazing places to stay which will be the icing on the cake of your fun-filled and action-packed trip to one of the world’s greatest cities. Choose from Ferntree Rainforest Lodge or Kangaroo Island Seafront for the ultimate honeymoon base in Australia. Romantic activities for honeymooners in Sydney include visiting iconic tourist attractions, participating in water sports, adventure and taking in a cruise holiday.

September is actually the best time of year to see the Royal Botanical Gardens at their most effervescent. Their beauty peaks at this time of year and you and your partner can enjoy the spectacular scenery they offer. Other places of interest to honeymooners intrigued by Sydney are The Rocks, The Blue Mountains, The Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach and The Opera House. You’ll have the time of your life enjoying this cultural phenomenon with the option of a ferry from Manly to Circular Quay and a selection of different river cruises available from the harbour as an exquisite lunch or boat trip with a difference.


Honeymoon in Japan

Japan is a country of true beauty where the modern and ancient merge in a delightful fusion of new and old traditions and cultures. Bask in the glory of astonishing natural sights and breath-taking views where you can find something for everyone in this unique and fascinating land. Honeymooners choose Japan in September for the warm colours that autumn brings, away from the excruciating heat of the summer.

The mountains, hot springs and gardens all offer a tranquil existence if you want to be left alone. You will find the Gion District suited to your needs with its 17th-century restaurants, geishas, shrines and Zen gardens. The City of Kyoto has a conventional feel to it and may appeal to those seeking a steadier, more relaxed sort of honeymoon.

Japan contains modern alternatives and can operate at a completely different level if you want an action-packed, high-speed experience then the hustle and bustle of Tokyo will not disappoint honeymooners. This amazing place is chaotic but wonderful with so much to accomplish and fit into your stay in this fantastic world-renowned city. The scenery and the sushi are something to behold, you will not regret this destination should you opt for it.


Honeymoon in Philippines

With more than 7,000 islands in the Western Pacific, The Philippines is an island-hopping dream for honeymooners that love the beach. Each of the 7,000+ islands in the Western Pacific contains surprises and scenery you will never tire of. From scenic vistas via mountain bike tours to ziplining your way through the vast lush greenery, you will be in paradise when you come across deserted lagoons, hidden beaches and adrenaline spiking diving spots.

Explore the landscape, rich in vegetation and romantic settings for you and your newlywed partner to absorb on this beautiful island. Diving and snorkelling are two of the most popular activities in the underwater attractions that the island offers. The exotic nature of the clear waters, forest and mountain regions make the Philippines both a relaxing and adventurous place to spend your honeymoon.

New York

Honeymoon in New York

This vibrant and iconic city has it all with attractions, landmarks, museums, and world-renowned shopping forming the heartbeat of the city that never sleeps. New York leaves its visitors wanting to return for more and honeymooners will feel the same. September is arguably the best potential time to visit and avoid the freezing winters and insufferably hot summers. Less humidity and intensity in the weather will leave September honeymooners experiencing nice warm temperatures that are comfortable to get around in.

The urban masterpiece that is New York contains probably the most iconic skylines in the world. The sights can leave you in astonishment at their magnificence. Pictures do not do these landmarks and attractions justice, when you see them for yourself, they are truly breath-taking.


Honeymoon in Turkey

Honeymooners heading to Turkey can expect great weather, delicious cuisine and a warm, friendly welcome from the locals. Turkey has the hospitality, the mystique and the Mediterranean culture to mesmerise visitors who keep coming back for more. With eight double rooms, each with a four-poster bed and Jacuzzi, the Mandarin Boutique Hotel is the perfect setting for a honeymoon base.

An idyllic spot for a romantic escape is the relatively unknown entity of Kalkan. This scenic, upmarket seaside town has a lot to offer and is a hidden gem for any tourist. An extensive range of beach club and boutique hotel options is complemented with picturesque beaches, amazing seafood and sublime views of the Taurus mountains.


Honeymoon in Croatia

The ideal spot for a luxurious, sunny honeymoon to absorb the sights, sounds and atmosphere of Eastern Europe without actually going very far. You will see festivals, markets, beautiful beaches and stunning architecture throughout the country. Croatia is an up-and-coming holiday destination, increasing in prominence in the honeymoon market because of the value for money, the weather and the friendly spirit of the locals that await you.

A fantastic base for island hopping, great for day trips to different places, Croatia has everything you could wish for and you could even be tempted with a holiday home while you are there. Croatia is an extremely popular place for people purchasing holiday homes due to the quality of living, great rates and the ability to rent them out throughout the year for an extra income.


Honeymoon in France

Rich in famous architecture, glorious countryside and tourist attractions aplenty, France caters for all kinds of people. Traditionally romantic and suitable for honeymooners, Paris contains everything for loved ones to fulfil their expectations in this fabulous city. With contrasting climates across the nation, France is very special and can accommodate anything you desire in terms of weather for relaxing, adventure or sightseeing.

Honeymooning couples visiting France will definitely not be short of romantic activities to try, whether you are meandering down the historic boulevards of Paris, divulging in a wine tasting in the Loire Valley, or sleeping overnight in a previous castle now a luxury hotel. More outgoing couples may want to visit the country’s scenic national parks, but if you are accustomed to art and culture, France’s world-famous Art Museums, such as the Picasso Museum and the Musée du Louvre, await you in Paris.


Honeymoon in ireland

From the Ring of Kerry to the Cliffs of Moher, and Giant’s Causeway, Ireland never disappoints with things to do. September honeymooners can even attend the Galway Oyster Festival as an added bonus to the long evenings which you can pack full of romantic activities during your time on the Emerald Isle. You will have your breath taken away by the sheer charm of the country and fall in love with Ireland straight away.

Majestic scenery is accompanied by wondrous nature and the sumptuous welcoming atmosphere wherever you end up in this fun-loving nation. Cliff-lodges, forestry and luxurious accommodation are not short in Ireland. Treat yourself to a stay in any of the top venues such as Batty Langley Lodge, The Croke Park, The Westin Dublin, The Morrison, and Killeen House Hotel for the best quality around.

Final Thoughts

The optimum honeymoon destinations in September are primarily about beaches and mountains with the allure of the fall’s contrasting colours and picturesque views fused with ranging temperatures which make taking it all an absolute pleasure. Try not to focus on the name when deciding, choose what you want to get out of it then plan it back when you find the place that has it all.

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