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Best Honeymoon Destinations in August

When it comes to honeymooning in August, there are many options available. Of course, you want to make the best of those special moments together, so whether you want to explore the Fiji Islands or you want a relaxing escape to a beach destination, there are many options available.

The aim is to make your stay as romantic as possible and that makes it even more important to discover the perfect location and hotel combination! So, we have picked some of the best honeymoon destinations to consider for an August honeymoon.

Travel to Singapore For a Honeymoon Filled With Attractions in August


The best thing about honeymooning in Singapore in August is that there is always plenty of things to see. It's one of those travel destinations that capture it all. You can enjoy the gardens by the bay with its tropical plants and treetop walk.

You can even explore Pulau Ubin, an island that is home to less than 50 people but still a great travel destination to discover during August. If cash is not an issue then Marina Bay Sands is the place to enjoy the Skypark as well as the hotel, casino and mall.

Enjoy the Best Honeymoon in Kenya


If you're heading to Kenya for your honeymoon then you're going to love everything that this mesmerising country has to offer. This might be more about nature but travel is about broadening your horizons!

Book a game drive and watch the great migration in Masai Mara which can take place in August while couples can lounge on the Kenyan coast and beach if they wish. With beachfront bars and a great view, it's ideal for pure relaxation.

Africa Is The Best Choice in August

North Africa

When it comes to travel destinations, nothing comes close to Africa. This wonderful country has it all. Visit the North and you can soak up the culture in Morocco or even explore the wonders of the beach in Egypt, or you could choose to see the Pyramids if that's your thing.

You will find a hotel to suit every budget in South Africa and holidaying during August ensures you experience the hot season with high temperatures, making it ideal for relaxing in the sunshine after you've explored a safari or two.

Honeymoon Destinations Don't Get Better Than Bali

Bali Indonesia

Bali during August is perfect for honeymooning but you can also expect the best priced hotels and a honeymoon on a budget. Whether you're exploring jungles, mixing with locals in villages or relaxing by the pool or beach, when the sun is shining, you'll feel as though you're in complete paradise.

There are plenty of places to visit including temples, the Gili Islands or the beautiful Tegenungan Waterfall, so go adventurous, romantic or mix it up, this is the playground for newlywed couples!

Discover the Romantic Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands

Fiji is known for its beaches and there are some of the best beaches in the world here, many of which will be on your hotel doorstep! Paradise islands don't get much better than this, making it a great destination to visit.

You can explore the ocean with some snorkeling, explore hiking trails or book a leisurely cruise to explore the islands. For a romantic stay that's packed with wildlife and a place that creates the best memories, Fiji captures it all.

Greece, A Perfect Honeymoon Getaway


Greece is one of those ideal honeymoon destinations to travel to because of the way you can explore different islands, enjoy the beach and discover plenty of history across mainland Greece and the islands during August.

Kick back and soak up the sun during August if that's your thing and indulge in some of the best dishes you'll ever discover in quaint romantic restaurants. Create a romantic stay that captures the ideal honeymoon when you visit Greece.

Bora Bora, One of The Most Romantic Destination in the World

Bora Bora

Crystal blue sea, white sandy beaches and a place to explore complete relaxation, it could be one of the best honeymoon destinations out there! If you visit during August then the world is your oyster! You can hire a car and explore the island, finding that perfect place to soak up the view and location.

You can maximise your stay with a private boat trip for couples while you might want to indulge in some yoga on the beach. Whatever you choose, there is no denying that Bora Bora really ticks every box when it comes to the best place to visit on your honeymoon.

Honeymoon In Botswana


While you might not consider Botswana as being one of the best honeymoon destinations, you should! You can do it all here in August which means you can search for Lions on the Central Kalahari Game Reserve or paddle through the Delta.

You can discover ancient rock art that dates back to the stone age and if you want to make the most of your surroundings, then you could stay at a private safari camp. Either way, when you travel here, you're certain of a honeymoon that will create memories that last a lifetime.

Seychelles, A Perfect Romantic Getaway


If you're looking for the perfect couple escape and a romantic setting then it doesn't get more romantic than the Seychelles. Gorgeous beaches, endless blue skies and sparkling oceans await but there is more here.

You can discover plenty of things for couples to do including a Cousin Island day trip or exploring the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens. There is lots to do here, so you can split your time between the beach and discovering this wonderful honeymoon destination.

If you're looking for the best gift for honeymooners or you want to create a memory of your honeymoon, a world map pinboard is definitely a top choice!