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10 Places to Visit when Travelling with Kids

The world has lots to offer when it comes to travelling with little ones. We are going to explore the places to go with kids and look at some of the top destinations to discover. Whether it is a budget holiday to Europe, or you want to explore some paradise island on the other side of the world, we can help you make the right choice.

Travelling With Kids - The Best Places for a Family Escape

When it comes to a holiday overseas, we are fortunate enough to be blessed with beautiful countries that are ready to explore as a family. Whether you want to travel long distances to exotic places or you want to travel just a few hours away, these destinations will make for the best holiday at any time of the year.

1. A Long Family Break to Jamaica

Travelling with Kids to Jamaica

Jamaica is known to be a tropical paradise and that’s why it will appeal to the old and the young. With stunning beaches, rich rainforests and waterfalls aplenty, there is something for everyone here. What might surprise you is that it’s the perfect place to visit with children. There are waterparks to explore here while you can give them the chance-of-a lifetime to swim with dolphins and even let them run wild on the beach. Whether they are snorkelling in the ocean or getting adventurous on an exciting trail, they’re going to love it!

2. Travel and Spend Family Time in Majorca

Travelling with Kids to Palma Aquarium Mallorca

You don’t have to spend hours on a plane to explore wonderful coves, crystal clear waters all while keeping the little ones entertained. Majorca is nothing more than a couple of hours from the UK and with that comes plenty of attractions and more. There is no shortage of waterparks here such as Aqualand or the Western Water Park, all of which guarantee hours of fun. Palma Aquarium is certain to be a hit with the children and if they want something more exciting and adventurous then the caves at Coves d’Arta are always a hit with families.

3. Travel With the Family to Canada

Travelling with Kids to Canada

Canada has it all, from bustling cities to expansive wilderness and amazing wildlife too, so no wonder it’s a popular choice for families. Head to Toronto or Quebec and you can spend the day sightseeing and discovering the famous CN Tower or Chateau Frontenac. If you want beaches, then you might prefer to explore Vancouver where you can embrace the golden sands and allow the kids to run wild for hours on end. However, children love animals, so why not book a wildlife safari or even a whale spotting tour?

4. Wonderful Koh Yao Noi, Thailand with the Children

Travelling with Kids to Thailand

Thailand is often associated with backpackers and those on an around-the-world trip, but this wonderful country has lots to offer. This destination is perfect for that relaxed escape where children can explore a wealth of water sports and activities or simply relax on the beach. This might not be the ideal trip for children under 10 but if they are older than ten, they will see this destination as one giant playground!

5. Discover the Amazing Dordogne, France

Travelling with Kids to Dordogne, France

France certainly has it all covered when it comes to a family holiday but when you head to the southwest of France, we recommend you stay in the Dordogne. This stunning part of France is packed with castles, forts, and chateau’s while there are plenty of parks and sites to discover. If that is not enough, hire a canoe and spend the whole day canoeing down the Dordogne River, stopping off at the many riverbanks along the way to soak up the views and enjoy a delicious picnic.

6. The Wonders of Bulgaria

Travelling with Kids to Bulgaria

Bulgaria is nothing but fun and sun during the summer months which is why it’s a hit with families. It has everything you could ever want in close proximity which makes it easy to get around. Sunny Beach is the most popular resort and here you will find a lively promenade with plenty of atmosphere and entertainment that will keep the children entertained. Nessebar is also worth a visit as there are Medieval ruins and temples to explore while there are waterparks and plenty of water sports to try out too.

7. Disneyland, Florida

Travelling with Kids to Disneyland Florida

For the ultimate escape with the children, then Disneyland, Florida is a must-visit. The weather is great all year round but there is no shortage of things to do. There are six parks in total to explore, which means you can discover the amazing animals at the Animal Kingdom and rub shoulders with Mickey and friends at the Magic Kingdom. There are plenty of rides for children of all ages while the Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon water parks are packed with waves, slides and adrenaline packed rides.

8. Disneyland, Paris

Travelling with Kids to Disneyland Paris

If the trip across the Atlantic doesn’t appeal, then you could always head to Paris and explore Disneyland there. It contains all the same magic as Disneyland Florida but it’s more manageable when travelling with younger children. There is the Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios both of which will leave your children mesmerised and captivated. If you want top rides, lots of excitement and fun, then Disneyland Paris is the perfect choice.

9. A Long Family Break to New Zealand

Travelling with Kids to New Zealand

Travel doesn't get much better than heading to the other side of the world. When you travel with little ones to New Zealand, you can expect to spend plenty of time exploring beaches with the children and embracing the wonderful scenery. The bustling cities are exciting for kids while the culture ensures that this becomes a long holiday you won't forget.

10. Relax in Greece

Travelling with Kids to GreeceWhether you're showing the children the wonders of Athens or you simply want to kick back and relax with the family, you can enjoy the chance to travel with ease to Greece. With sleepy villages, lively beaches and plenty of activities, your children will have the best holiday experience in Greece.

The Best Time to Travel with Kids

Naturally, the best time to travel is during the school holidays. This ensures that your child is not missing important school time. However, if you want to maximise your days and your time then the Spring and Summer months are going to offer more. This is because the weather is going to be better, and you will have more daylight which means that you can cram even more into your time!

Tips to Travel with Kids and Keep Them Entertained

When it comes to travelling with children, it helps to spend time planning the journey, therefore, we have the following tips to help you make the best of your journey

Use Electronic Devices - From tablets to handheld game consoles, giving them the chance to watch their favourite shows or play their favourite games can help the time pass quickly and easily!

Play Games - You can keep this slightly old school and play games such as "Eye Spy" or even "Spot the ......". These games will keep them entertained throughout the journey.

Download Apps - There are many apps out there that are designed to keep children occupied. From games to puzzles and quizzes, there is an endless supply of apps available.

Audiobooks - Children love a good story, so download some audiobooks and give them something to enjoy during the trip.

If you are looking for the perfect gift then take a look at our personalised travel maps.